00:00 A job well done

As the day comes to a graceful conclusion, there is the justifiable pride of a job well done... of having ensured consummate guest satisfaction… consistently and throughout the day… to the highest standards of hospitality. And then it is time to prepare for the day ahead… another opportunity to excel.

01:00 An enduring reception

The sun may set and the lights may dim, but at Château Saint-Martin & Spa the warm and genuine welcomes never fade. Our dedicated ambassadors are always ready, day or night, to do whatever they can to make a guest's stay as comfortable and memorable as possible… anywhere and anytime.

02:00 The unseen perfectionists

Amidst a tranquillity punctuated only by the ticking of a graceful clock, the unseen perfectionists of Château Saint-Martin & Spa are silently at work. They lovingly maintain this masterpiece of beauty, charm and antiquity… tirelessly working to ensure everything is as it should be… in a state of sublime perfection.

03:00 An indulgent experience

Room service at Château Saint-Martin & Spa is a gourmand's delight. Available night and day, it indulges guests with epicurean masterpieces created by a truly passionate team of chefs. Made from the finest and freshest ingredients, and served with a graceful elegance and flair, each meal is a sumptuous experience.

04:00 A genuine warmth

Although nothing can replace the warmth and welcome of a guest's own home, Château Saint-Martin & Spa competes quite favourably. An exquisite oasis of beauty and tranquillity, this is where the smiles are always real and the warmth is genuine… from the moment of arrival to the time of goodbye.

05:00 The secret ingredient

Château Saint-Martin & Spa has perfected the recipe for award-winning hospitality and discovered a secret ingredient… authenticity. This is why experiences at the Château are as natural and genuine as possible. Our bread for example is baked fresh every morning… by a traditional baker who personally mixes the finest ingredients.

06:00 Of comfort and care

The true measure of a bedroom's worth is known when one awakens from a good night's sleep. It is only then that the effort and care behind a bedroom's grace and comfort become apparent… like the constant attention to detail which enhances every pristine moment at Château Saint-Martin & Spa.

07:00 A fresh start

Warmed by a joyous Mediterranean sun, breakfast at Château Saint-Martin & Spa is an elegant overture to the lovely day ahead. The skilled breakfast chef prepares a delightful range of buffet dishes and personally selects the freshest fruits, cereals and cheeses… all complemented by the aroma of freshly baked bread.

08:00 The keys to hospitality

With extensive knowledge of the region and of guest preferences, our concierges help to create the most memorable and enjoyable of stays.

09:00 A personal touch

Château Saint-Martin & Spa is proud of its long-standing rapport with our regular guests… shared memories of happiness and contentment spanning years and years. These cherished relationships are perhaps the greatest recognition of the Château's endearing charm and the dedicated personal attention which accompanies every moment of a guest's stay.

10:00 The power of serenity

Vacations are for relaxation and rejuvenation… Château Saint-Martin & Spa is a luxurious combination of both. After a leisurely breakfast the time is right for an exquisite hour or two in the Château's renowned spa, where skilled therapists expertly restore inner vitality and outer glow with La Prairie signature treatments.

11:00 A sunlit sanctuary

The day's pleasure continues as Château Saint-Martin & Spa reveals a magnificent heated pool… nestled at the foothills of the Baou des Blancs and surrounded by century-old trees. Here, guests entrust themselves to Charlotte's impeccable care and genuine warmth… her signature hospitality which gracefully creates an aura of infinite contentment.

12:00 The essence of summer

Provence and the Côte d'Azur… glorious vistas at Château Saint-Martin & Spa… quintessential appeal of L'Oliveraie summer grill. Seated at quaint tables guests watch Marc, sous-chef de cuisine, passionately bring to life a sun-drenched menu of light lunches, salads, grilled steak and fresh fish… unique flavours and an unforgettable setting.

13:00 An elegant repast

Although Château Saint-Martin & Spa offers a variety of exquisite dining experiences, they all share four signature qualities. A warm and cordial welcome… the knowledgeable and helpful menu suggestions… the caring, attentive service… the unerring attention to detail. Lunch or dinner, intimate or with company… the elegance is always impeccable.

14:00 A passion for originality

Dining at Château Saint-Martin & Spa is an invitation to explore epicurean originality. Using nothing but the finest ingredients, our pastry chef passionately creates sensory masterpieces… delighting the eyes and rewarding the palate with a vibrancy rarely experienced. An irresistible pastiche of creativity… from a truly gifted perfectionist.

15:00 The art of beauty

A pampering touch is sometimes the highlight of a lovely day, and the beauty specialist at Château Saint-Martin & Spa provides a variety of treatments. Relaxing in the tranquil environs of the chic beauty room, guests enjoy skilled manicures, pedicures, make-up and hairdressing… all with a friendly and knowledgeable flair.

16:00 An active agenda

The crisp mountain air which pervades Château Saint-Martin & Spa is an excellent accompaniment to invigorating workouts. Featuring a refreshing outdoor setting with uplifting panoramas of Vence hillsides, the Château's welcoming fitness centre offers the latest technology and an experienced personal trainer who helps guests plan and optimise their workouts.

17:00 The second serve

The late afternoon sun is always suited to a round of tennis. Château Saint-Martin & Spa hosts two immaculate clay courts, laying at the foot of the majestic Baou des Blancs and surrounded by pristine tranquillity. A professional tennis coach advises guests of all skill levels on improving their technique.

18:00 A hint of lavender

An evening stroll through the gardens of Château Saint-Martin & Spa is a sublime experience. Lavender-scented arbours offer delightful avenues to explore, while graceful olive trees and a collage of herbs, vines and flowers gently sweeten the Provence air… where the gardeners at work are fonts of knowledge and history.

19:00 A reserve of pleasure

Renowned for its exceptional wine cellars, Château Saint-Martin & Spa introduces guests to the world's finest vintages. The celebrated team of the Château Saint-Martin & Spa explore exquisite food and wine pairings, while the regal underground cellar is an enchanting setting for private wine tastings, aperitifs and samplings.

20:00 The aura of perfection

With a gourmet cuisine and refined service worthy of discerning royalty, Le Saint-Martin is an exceptionally rare setting… luxury without pretence. Leading guests on a gastronomic journey of discovery and fulfilment, Le Saint-Martin epitomises epicurean masterpieces, impeccable hospitality and standards by which everything else is judged.

21:00 A gourmet enlightenment

Being in the midst of genius is gratifying enough, but to be able to savour inspired creations is indeed a rare pleasure. 

22:00 The sweetest surrender

Sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea are an idyllic complement to tranquil after-dinner moments, and Château Saint-Martin & Spa ensures guests enjoy exactly the kind of ambience they are looking for. Romance and intimacy for couples… impeccable service and hospitality for groups… each moment graced with the sweetest of gourmet temptations.

23:00 A rarefied charisma

The night's final notes are best savoured in settings of exquisite refinement. Château Saint-Martin & Spa honours such traditions with a resplendent bar and tea room adorned with 18th century art. Here, guests enjoy rare champagnes, revered cognacs and treasured Armagnacs… served by Eric, a knowledgeable connoisseur and impeccable host.

Welcome to Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Nestled in the heart of the Côte d'Azur and surrounded by endless natural beauty, the Château Saint-Martin & Spa remains a place where history has blended with and then adapted to a more contemporary lifestyle.  It is a place where sea and mountain combine to form tranquillity that is so overwhelming and has such powers that expectations grow with each visit.

A one-time 12th century Templar Knight Commandery, the Château Saint-Martin & Spa is today a 5-star luxury property that showcases the prestige of exceptional living in a French-style hotel.

An extraordinary panorama overlooking the Mediterranean coastline, an exceptional dining experience, its Spa and a confidential environment make this hotel one of the jewels of the Relais & Châteaux since 1970.

It is with great pleasure that the Château Saint-Martin & Spa's team and I look forward to welcoming you on April 18, 2014*!

*Hotel closed from October 20, 2013 to April 17, 2014 included.


Philippe Perd
President & Managing Director
Château Saint-Martin & Spa


Bocuse d'Or France 2014

Nicolas Davouze, Château Saint-Martin & Spa executive sous-chef, awarded as Bocuse d'Or France 2014 !

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