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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being part of Oetker Collection, we share a respect for the environment and a sustainable future.


Our vision

Our values

Protect, respect and develop sustainable solutions.

Our vision

Oetker Collection invests in its business for the benefit of future generations.

Our mission

The hoteliers of the Oetker Collection family are guided by common values and objectives, especially in terms of social and environmental development.
It is this new commitment that allows us to be closer to our guests.

Our motto

"Patrons for a safe and guaranteed future".

Located in the park of the Alpine French Riviera, Château Saint-Martin & Spa enjoys a remarkable fauna and flora that we are committed to preserving.

Developing social and environmental actions, our hotel is pleased to have been awarded the Green Globe Certification, along with other luxurious hotels. Thanks to our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team, we offer our guests an excellent service while respecting our biodiversity.

Every season, we are proud to present a unique range of eco-friendly services: gourmet creations made with organic fruits and vegetables, an organic treatment menu in our Spa and a fleet of hybrid vehicles for your transfers. Château Saint-Martin & Spa also provides support to charities.

Our commitments

Commitment 1: Ensuring that human rights are respected and optimising our work conditions
  • Ensure equity amongst our employees while fighting against discrimination.
  • Promote optimal quality of life at work and support social dialogue.
  • Encourage the development and mobility of our employees.
Commitment 2: Controlling our consumption and preserving our environment
  • Reduce our consumption of resources by innovating.
  • Know, protect and restore the biodiversity that surrounds us.
  • Enforce the rules and strive to reduce all types of pollution.
Commitment 3: Ensuring fair practices and educating our guests on social responsibility
  • Ensure fair practices through a service and impeccable purchasing policy.
  • Encourage our customers to contribute to our vision of a sustainable future.
Commitment 4: Contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of our region
  • Give preference to local producers, supporting the heritage of our terroir.
  • Support partners in sustainable projects related to the values that we defend.

Saving the Little Owl, protecting the environment

Château Saint-Martin & Spa invites you to join our Little Owl (Athene Noctua) protection programme by adopting one of the adorable stuffed owls which you will find nesting in your room.

There are just four remaining Little Owl couples in our area and we are delighted to be working with the Bird Protection League to nurture this rare population.

The Little Owl traditionally inhabits long grasslands and olive groves, as this is a diminishing habitat we welcome them to the gardens and groves of Château Saint-Martin & Spa, where we have also set up nesting boxes.

Your contribution will assist our collaboration with the Bird Protection League in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region.

They monitor Little Owl populations, encourage ‘safe’ spaces and provide more than 300 nesting boxes, allowing couples to establish themselves on agricultural land where Little Owls in turn are very positive, as their hunting micromammals and insects limits pests.

By adopting the Little Owl you will also help us support the Regional Wildlife Conservation Centre. This is a sanctuary for wild animals in distress, such as young chicks separated from their parents, and saves around 1,500 creatures a year.

Our environmental actions

Our Spa is delighted to offer treatments with organic and natural skincare brand Bamford, beautiful for your skin and the environment. While our sponsorship of bee hives, which helps preserve these vital pollinators, brings guests our own organic honey everyday for breakfast; sweet, pure and good for the planet.

With these beehives and the installation of bird nesting boxes the gardens at Château Saint-Martin & Spa are recognized by the Birds Protection League as a biodiversity refuge. We contribute to this charity, supporting environmental awareness and education, and open our doors to the school children of Vence so they in turn can explore the rich flaura and fauna in our gardens and learn about nature.

Every year we raise funds and arrange donations to several humanitarian organisations including the Red Cross.

Our sustainable services

We put our pledge to environmental responsibility into practice at every opportunity, offering our guests eco- services.

We have electric vehicles for guests and colleagues to travel around the park and a fleet of environmentally friendly BlueTEC system (gas filtration) for touring the region and guest transfers.

There is always a choice of both local and organic products, including aromatic herbs from our garden or honey and you will find a range of biological products for your total wellbeing in room and our Spa.

Our Kids Club organizes many fun and educational activities, immersing children in the natural surroundings promoting awareness of the environment.

Our 32 acres park is a natural jewel, there is a wide diversity of local species and the woodlands are filled with the sound of birdsong. Discover our beehives by following the beautiful waterfall path. There’s an olive grove with more than 250 protected trees and a fresh uplifting view of the Mediterranean coast.

Should guests be interested in supporting these and other initiatives we offer them information about how to offset greenhouse gas emissions via the website


Our references

Oetker Collection has chosen to solemnise its social and environmental commitment by adhering to the Global Compact and reporting annually on the progress made by the hotels.

Oetker Collection also aligns itself with the English association "Considerate Hoteliers" whose mission is to help hoteliers in this sustainable development.

Oetker Collection has debuted its environmental approach at Château Saint-Martin & Spa in 2010 and since 2011, the hotel is Green Globe certified.
Created in 1992, Green Globe is an international label for sustainable travel and tourism. It recognizes and supports hotels which have opted for an approach to improve the environmental and social management of their activities. The certification audit is annual.

On November 17th, 2014, Château Saint-Martin & Spa won the "Innovation Trophy" as part of the Climate Energy Plan of the Alpes-Maritimes region. This is a sustainable development approach specifically focused on the fight against climate change.
For its 2nd edition of the "climate and energy Trophy 06", the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes has rewarded the most active players in technological innovation and energy.

Château Saint-Martin & Spa has obtained the "silver" EcoLeaders recognition from TripAdvisor.
The TripAdvisor EcoLeaders programme brings together different hotels and ecological guesthouses, for all budgets. All are committed to respecting the environment, protecting nature by recycling and cooking with local and organic products.

CSR Report

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