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This summer we are delighted to stage three exhibits by leading contemporary artists; sculptures dramatise our gardens, photography brings a new perspective to our historic corridors.

Antoine Pierini from nearby Biot, is a ground breaking glassmaker, Jow is at the vanguard of metallurgy art, with his monumental steel interpretations of musical instruments.
Art photography is represented by Kiki Kausch, who captures beautiful places, and people in her celebrated three minute portraits

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Antoine Pierini

We exhibit Pierini’s translucent glass triptychs Dunes, and his extraordinary seven element Bamboo, both demonstrate the balanced interaction between his work and nature, our gardens making the perfect stage.

This master of his craft transforms sand fired at 1700 °C to the most exquisite sculptures, his abstract forms are modified by cutting them with diamond disks. Pierini is a world class glass artist who could hardly resist his destiny, born into a family of glass masters and brought up in the Riviera village of Biot, with centuries of glass blowing tradition.


Our gardens host ancient olive trees, allepo pines and now the voluptuous curves of a three metre high violin. We are thrilled to exhibit Jow’s striking sculptures with his varied interpretations of musical instruments in steel.

Strolling around our Château you will come upon the hollow semi profile of a cello, or the solid abstract form of a violin. One of the leading proponents of steel sculpture Jow’s creative spirit transforms this malleable metal into things of true beauty by rolling, folding, bending, hammering out his unique concepts.

Kiki Kausch

Artist photographer, Kiki Kausch is known for her photographic record of elite leisure localities and celebrities, to both she takes a unique approach. "Follow the Red Bag" is her witty catalogue of the eponymous red bag’s travels with its owner of impeccable taste giving us gorgeous scenes of first class hideaways and hotels.

Kausch also pioneered her three minute shoots in which she snaps celebrities, limiting herself to literally three minutes. By this approach the artist captures a more spontaneous side of her subjects, and presenting the work in triptychs gives us the sense of a mini film. Limited edition prints are exhibited at Château Saint-Martin & Spa.

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